ChristchurchK9 T&C’s

Dog illnesses or accidents
The dog owner must provide us with the name and contact information of the dog owner or the person responsible for making decisions relating to the dog should an illness or accident situation occur. Should this person not be contactable we reserve the right to consult with a local Veterinary surgeon and make a decision based on advice received and in the best interests of the animal. Please note that the dog owner is responsible for all veterinary fees, no matter how they are incurred, whilst dogs are in the care of ChristchurchK9.

Bookings will only be confirmed after we have met with the dog owner (or the person responsible for its care) together with the dog. Bookings are also subject to the full completion and written sign off in the ChristchurchK9 Dog registration form.


Please note we DO NOT ever board bitches on season or close to season, puppies under 12 months of age and dogs listed in the Dangerous Dog Act 1991.

Payment is kindly requested in advance. Our preferred payment method is cash or Bacs.

Christchurchk9 is fully insured against Public Liability, however it is essential that your dog is covered by separate pet Insurance. We will care for your pet as you would, including administering orally prescribed medicines and whilst we make every effort to ensure your pet is well looked after in your absence, we cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or death to a dog either inside or outside the home whilst in our care.

Additional terms
We will make all reasonable fair and reasonable judgments in times of adverse or extreme weather conditions such as excessive heat, snow, ice, thunderstorms etc, and reserve the right to cancel dog walking at any time. Also, we will cancel dog walking for safety reasons should we encounter threatening or aggressive behavior from another dog or person, or if the dog is / appears or acts unwell, gets injured, or due to an illness / accident of a member of ChristchurchK9.

If we are unable to gain access to your house that prevents us collecting your dog,
then we will be unable to continue the dog walk. We will use your emergency number to contact you to try and resolve the situation but if we can’t unfortunately you may still be charged.

All dogs must be microchipped, house / toilet trained and fully up to date with all vaccinations, monthly flea, tick and worming treatments.

Charlie, the resident dog, is protected from Kennel Cough and we would strongly recommend that all boarding dogs are also protected. Your local vet can cheaply and easily give your dog this important vaccine via a nasal spray in a matter of seconds which covers your dog for a year.

ChristchurchK9 also reserve the right to return any animal to their owners at our discretion, also we reserve the right to cancel any and all future bookings. Dog owners are also fully responsible for any additional costs involved should their animal damage any ChristchurchK9 property or, if it transpires, the dog is not fully house / toilet trained.

Dog owners are also fully responsible for any additional costs involved should their animal damage any ChristchurchK9 property or, if it transpires, the dog is not fully house / toilet trained and causes soiling / damage to carpets or if the dog causes flee infestations. Also dogs causing an outbreak of kennel cough or any other contagious infections resulting in ChristchurchK9 forcing a quarantine and subsequent cancellation of other dog boarding bookings.

We occasionally take photographs of the dogs walking or having fun in our house, many of which are published on our website www.christchurchK9.co.uk. Should you wish to opt of this arrangement please advise us in writing at Christchurchk9@gmail.com