Introduction Meeting

Before we start walking or boarding your dog, we meet you together with your dog to discuss your requirements and to ascertain general information relating to your dog.

We meet usually at our house at a convenient time, so that we can get to know your dog and vice versa.  It also gives you a chance to ask us any questions you may have and discuss your pet’s full needs during their stay with us.  Also it will give you an opportunity to see our house and for your dog to become familiar with our surroundings.

Together we will complete a short registration form which will provide us vital details such as your dog’s health, food and exercising requirements, vet details and your emergency contact information etc.


Dog Walking

On the day and time of the arranged walk we will arrive to collect your dog.
Should you be out then arrangements will need to be made for access to your house either by leaving a key in a safe place such as a key safe or we are happy to hold a key.

Your dog should have a correctly fitted dog collar and a walking lead.

Your dog will then be exercised and returned safely back to your home after their walk. Water, dog waste bags and healthy treats (if allowed) will be provided by us during the walks.  Also during wet weather dogs will be dried down as much as possible.


Dog Boarding

Bookings in advance is required so please contact us, giving as much notice as possible.
Your dog lives with us as part of our family and they will have full access to our house and our safe, fully fenced off garden.  Dogs are free to relax with Charlie the resident dog, or if you prefer, your dog can be separated.

We will feed your dog on his/her normal diet following your instructions on timings quantities and frequencies.  Your dog will also be exercised a minimum of twice a day as above. He/she will be cared for and included in normal day to day activities and free to sleep or play in our house or garden.  Should you wish photos of your dog during their stay with us please let us know.